January 2023 – District Groundbreaking for a new urban district

ZS: and the state-owned housing company Gewobag celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for the new urban quarter "Urbany" in Lichtenberg on 27.01.2023.

December 2022 – Deal Gewobag acquires from ZS: 1,418 apartments

In December 2022, the municipal housing company Gewobag decided to more than double its commitment to the neighborhood, acquiring 1,418 apartments from ZS.

October 2022 – Background Riva Living Berlin: Zsolt Farkas on location and idea.

"Riva Living was born from the idea of transforming attractive locations with stunning architecture in unique waterfront settings into new places."

Our standards for a ZS: District

Mobility & Transport
  • Intelligent concepts to revolutionise traffic
  • Car-free routes in the district
  • Promote cycling
  • Create multi-mobile sharing offers
  • Underground parking spaces with charging points

Mobility & Transport

Child-care & Education
  • Child day-care centres in the district
  • Promote neighbourhood help
  • Cooperation with educational facilities
  • Versatile, fun playgrounds

Child-care & Education

Generations & Togetherness
  • Housing for all generations
  • Healthy mix of apartments and residents
  • Create affordable housing
  • Offer accessible apartments
  • Community areas for communal meetings

Generations & Togetherness

Community & Sharing
  • Community areas for common use
  • Spaces for everyone: laundromats, co-working areas, workshops
  • Intelligent ideas for sharing
  • Vibrant neighborhood through networking

Community & Sharing

Service on demand & AI
  • Online administration and 24/7 services
  • Digitisation of self-service offerings
  • District app and neighbourhood network
  • Smart home solutions

Service on demand & AI

Amenities & Trade
  • Amenities on the ground floor
  • Affordable commercial spaces for smaller retailers
  • Doctors' and physiotherapy practices
  • Shared service infrastructure in the residential area

Amenities & Trade

District concepts

To the concept

Good Urban Village

How can one re-think urban planning to meet the changing requirements of today's society and create healthier, happier and more efficient urban districts in the future? The Good Urban Village was created in response to this question with an interdisciplinary team and through a collaborative learning process - a robust blueprint which is now being implemented in conjunction with a housing association in Berlin in the form of Urbany.

To the concept

Multi-Generation Living

Large cities with their rapid population growth urgently need affordable housing. Through the simultaneous lack of developable inner-city space, apartments inevitably have to become smaller in order to remain affordable. How can smaller living spaces offer that something extra in terms of quality of life? GoodHood provides the answers.

To the concept

Waterfront Living

Life on the banks of a metropolis: spectacular, sophisticated condominiums are being built here, nestled within a new district that guarantees carefree enjoyment of life, built in an irresistible waterfront location with breathtaking architecture that embodies the class and elegance of this lifestyle. That is RIVA LIVING.

To the concept

Happy Living Project

Urgently needed living space through the renovation and development of single-themed local amenities: with a value-added housing offer based on neighbourly coexistence, vibrant, networked city districts for all stages of life and income groups are being created throughout Germany.

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Neighbourhood diversity:
we fostel community

For us, neighbourhood diversity means consciously creating spaces for the most diverse needs of our residents! In this way, we strengthen social interaction and also increase the happiness of every individual a little!


What positive contribution can a functioning city make to solving the major issues of our time? By orienting itself to today's defining megatrends, ZS succeeds in better understanding current needs and anticipating solutions which are viable for the future.


Together with first-class partners, ZS develops socially and environmentally friendly districts, builds space-efficient units on budget and provides digital solutions as well as allowing visual appearance to influence the design.