Established network<span class="red">:</span>

Established network: together towards a carbon-neutral district

Together with first-class partners, ZS develops socially and environmentally-friendly districts, builds space-efficient units on budget and provides not just digital solutions but allows visual appearance to have an influence on design.

ZS believes in working with reliable partners whose code of values matches its own company philosophy.

Energy for Berlin<span class="red">:</span>

Energy for Berlin: holistically thought-out

If you want to build and live in a climate-neutral way, you have to know all the tried-and-tested technologies for clean energy generation and always follow the dynamic innovation market.

Every district needs an energy concept that is so sustainable that it can be built and operated after completion in a carbon-neutral manner. ZS aims to take into account the latest technology in every neighborhood development in the interests of climate protection – or even to be one step ahead of it.

A clear message<span class="red">:</span>

A clear message: a world without waste

The ecologically sustainable, future-oriented and exemplary management of a district requires a rethink in the handling of raw materials and in recycling. ZS has declared war on the throwaway society: with every waste product, one must consider whether it can be transformed into recyclable raw materials. Especially in the development and construction of urban districts, resources can be used carefully if the materials used are selected according to ecological criteria and the highest environmental standards applied. Sustainability has top priority from planning to usage.

Sustainable construction<span class="red">:</span>

Sustainable construction: building with low CO2 emissions

ZS builds districts that are already ecological role models during their development phase. Modular construction can help to exceed the federal government’s climate targets by a long way, since production processes can be implemented in a standardised manner. By using an innovative concrete that uses 50 percent less climate-damaging cement, CO2 emissions are further reduced. Sustainability is very important in the development and implementation of the district.