W.HEY Happy Living Project

  • Product concept for 20 locations in Germany
  • Vibrant district development fit for the future
  • Reproducible re-densification of urban spaces
  • Efficient housing and value-added offers
  • Healthy community with diverse residents

W.HEY Happy Living Project

From local supply centres based on a single theme to vibrant, networked city districts in soughtafter second-tier locations in top German cities: W.HEY Happy Living Project is a scalable blueprint for sustainable urban development which will be implemented in over 20 locations across Germany.

Vertical re-densification via local suppliers and enriched with a needs-based usage concept based on the megatrends of our time creates a residential and value-added offer for all phases of life of a mixed population.

The goal: places that make you happy

  • Holistic product concept
  • An increase in wellbeing
  • Added value for residents and investors

The goal: places that make you happy

A holistic, evidence-based product concept that focuses on increasing the happiness and well-being of people in urban districts creates added value for both residents and investors.

future-proof, sustainable investments

The opportunity: future-proof, sustainable investments

  • Vertical re-densification in central second tier locations
  • Sustainable investment
  • Increased profitability
  • Competitive urban district

The opportunity: future-proof, sustainable investments

A unique, scalable concept. The combination of vertical re-densification in second-tier locations close to the city centre with value-added offers that increase both quality of life and
profitability. Happy and healthy communities are a sustainable investment in competitive urban districts, designed on the basis of future research into megatrends and the latest scientific results from the fields of sociology, psychology, neurology and medicine.

The product concept: the focus is on people

W.HEY focuses on the individual needs of its heterogeneous residents. This creates user-centred, mixed living environments that reflect the entire life cycle of their residents in one place.

Das Produktkonzept
Das Produktkonzept

The housing: micro-living with a lot going on around

  • Efficient floor plans, additional communal areas
  • Sustainable concept for increasingly crowded cities

The housing: micro-living with a lot going on around

Why waste housing on applications that can be shared with others? This lowers costs for residents, makes floor plans more efficient and increases the cohesion of the community.

In the interplay between densification and shared amenities, such as common hallways, laundrettes, roof terraces, outdoor fitness facilities or hobby rooms, a new quality of life emerges that can establish itself as a viable concept for increasingly full and densely populated cities.


Why W.HEY? W.HEY Happy Living is the answer to the most pressing questions of future-proof urban development and the increasing shortage of living space

happiness as a means of positioning

The brand: happiness as a means of positioning

W.HEY Happy Living is the only districts brand that addresses the topic of happiness with its positive effects as a unique selling point and places it with a credible purpose at the centre of communication.

  • Increase in physical and mental well-being
  • Increase in the quality of life
  • Increase in the attractiveness of public and shared places
  • Increase in security and cohesion in sustainably healthy urban communities
  • Increase in ecological, social and economic sustainability
well-founded and holistic

The product concept: well-founded and holistic

W.HEY Happy Living is an evidence-based product concept based on the latest scientific results from the fields of sociology, psychology, neurology and medicine in connection with urban design, urban development and health.

  • Needs and megatrend-oriented life cycle living
  • Mixed-use city districts for all age and income groups
  • Networked value-added ecosystem
  • From just a living arrangement to a holistically thought-out living environment
  • Monetisable digital service infrastructure
sustainably scalable

The investment: sustainably scalable

W.HEY Happy Living is a next-location investment in a sought-after residential offering for a growing target group.

  • Investment in up-and-coming districts close to the centres of Germany’s top 7+2 cities
  • Vertical re-densification in established residential areas
  • Development of mono-thematic areas (local amenities, parking spaces)
  • Cost-effective, scalable blueprint
  • Growing target group due to a lack of inner-city living space and crowding in the outskirts