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JV Contract Gewobag Hennigsdorfer Str. 159-167

Together with our project partner, we are giving the former industrial area of Tetra Pak GmbH and Semper Idem Underberg AG a new, forward-looking purpose. On the approximately 80-hectare site, a vibrant residential quarter is being created that harmoniously combines living, local commerce, a daycare center, and the beauty of nature.

This ambitious project transforms the former industrial area into a vibrant living space that impresses with its diversity and sustainability. The planned apartments offer modern living comfort while creating a strong community that benefits from the proximity to workplaces and services.

Special attention is given to the integration of a daycare center, providing young families in the quarter with a place to play, learn, and grow. Additionally, local commercial spaces ensure that residents have everything they need for daily life right on their doorstep.

Another centerpiece of the new quarter is the careful integration of green spaces and natural areas. Here, residents can relax, take walks, and enjoy nature, giving the neighborhood a special quality of life.

With this development, we are giving the historic industrial site a new identity and creating a place where people of all generations can live in harmony with their surroundings. Thus, a vibrant and sustainable quarter is created that impressively combines past and future.

Hennigsdorfer Straße 159-167, 13503 Berlin – Heiligensee
Residential quarter planning with approx. 600 apartments, daycare center, and local amenities