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ZSB Signs Lease Agreement for Wendenschloßstraße 158

Even before the first groundbreaking, ZSB is making a strong statement of commitment and foresight: The lease agreements for the boarding house with 309 rooms, the nursing home with 212 places, and the daycare center with 152 places are firmly in place. This forward-looking planning not only ensures the project’s future viability but also already creates trust and anticipation among future residents and partners.

The boarding house, with its comfortable 309 rooms, will offer an ideal solution for business travelers, commuters, and anyone seeking flexible temporary living. It will be a place where functionality and well-being complement each other perfectly.

The nursing home, with space for 212 residents, sets new standards in the care and support of older people. High care standards are a priority here, as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere that provides residents with a true home.

The daycare center, with space for 152 children, will be the heart of the quarter for its youngest residents. With lovingly designed rooms and a dedicated team of educators, it will create a place where children can play, learn, and grow.

These early contract signings underscore ZSB’s determination to develop a vibrant, diverse, and well-equipped quarter that meets the needs of all generations. The vision of a modern, inclusive, and livable urban district is already taking shape.