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JV Contract Gewobag Wendenschloßstraße 158

On the historic site of the former Funkwerk Köpenick, ZSB, in collaboration with its project partner, is bringing a new urban quarter to life that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. Here, where once radio waves filled the air, 438 modern apartments are now being created, transforming the heritage of the place into a forward-looking residential landscape.

Particular attention is given to the planned senior residence, designed as a closed quarter with a lovingly designed, protected courtyard, providing residents with a safe and secure environment. This refuge of tranquility and security is complemented by a boarding house, enabling flexible temporary living, as well as a daycare center that offers the youngest residents a place to play, learn, and grow.

With this diverse and well-thought-out neighborhood development, ZSB is creating a vibrant and intergenerational residential ensemble that meets the needs of all age groups and opens a new chapter in the history of Funkwerk Köpenick. This is a place where the past and future come together to jointly create a livable present.