The ZS Beteiligungs GmbH is a partner and initiator of developmental projects, real estate investments, leasing and sale of commercial and residential real estate in Berlin.

Our Market

In the course of the gentrification, changes of big-city quarters and inhabitant structures can be seen. Poorer, partially old-established subpopulations cannot afford the rising apartment price levels any longer; wealthier new citizens tighten to this change.

The cities want to provide affordable housing, but often do not have appropriate funding, or the subsidies include pitfalls. Berlin, for example plans to build thousands of subsidized apartments each year. The initial rent will be at 6.50 euros per square meter, however a rent increase of 20 cents per square meter is forecasted every two years. The low conveyor apartments are besides only just a drop in the ocean, because by 2023 again 50 000 of the current 142 151 Berlin social housing (as of 12/2013) will disappear. Provisions by the Senate have not yet been made. (Source: Neues Deutschland, 02.09.2014).

Our Concept

Berlin has an urgent need for affordable housing. The ZS Beteiligungs GmbH, with over 20 years of real estate experience, intends to provide this. The concept is inner city, affordable housing, which is interesting for investors and encourages local renters or buyers with low to moderate incomes.

The increase in this economic segment from the healthy mix of commercial and residential real estate development brings interesting opportunities for both financial sectors and investors.


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ZS Beteiligungs GmbH
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